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Hall teachers must get coffee makers, fridges, microwaves out of class
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Hall County school system teachers will have to do more than unplug personal appliances, such as microwaves and mini-refrigerators, before they leave Friday for the two-week Christmas break.

They’ll need to haul the appliances home with them, according to an e-mail sent Dec. 12 to principals throughout the system.

The move is "due to more and more demand for electrical circuits for technology and several other factors, including (the) fire marshal’s concerns about fire safety," said Deputy Superintendent Lee Lovett in the e-mail.

Some other popular appliances found in classrooms are toaster ovens, heaters and coffee makers.

The district’s maintenance department "will remove any of these items left in the building over the holidays," Lovett added.

Those items will be stored in a central location for employee pickup.

"I regret having to make this decision, but I feel it is best for the safety of our students," Lovett said. "I realize that this is a great inconvenience for employees, and I am sorry to take it away."

The 33-school district will buy refrigerators and microwaves "as needed for your work areas" outside classrooms, he added.