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Hall may offer AP statistics for eighth-graders
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High-achieving middle school students may have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement statistics in eighth grade, starting next year.

The Hall County Board of Education voted Monday night to pursue the offering.

"I'm excited about this opportunity," Superintendent Will Schofield said. "I think we will be about the only school district in the state (to offer it)."

Other districts are starting to inquire into the course offering, he added.

"As a math person, one of the things that I always thought was unfortunate was that one of the most powerful courses that has relevance in college work and beyond was AP statistics and very few students ever get an opportunity to take it in their high school schedules," Schofield said.

"One of the unique things about AP statistics is it does not take the algebra, the geometry and the trigonometry background that, for instance, AP calculus does to be successful," he said.

"It lends itself to very hands-on learning and application of learning," said Sally Krisel, the school system's director of innovative and advanced programs.

By taking the course, eighth-graders could possibly earn high school and college credit, Schofield noted.

School officials have identified about 145 students they believe could succeed in the class, which will be offered at all the schools.

There are considerable differences in the number of students who qualify at the schools, so "we might have to share teachers or we might have to utilize some video conferencing with different types of support," Schofield said.

"We're going to do our best to meet all of our needs," he added.