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Hall leaders pay similar to their predecessors'
Contracts for administrators Knighton and Nix set, awaiting a final signature

Contracts for new Hall County Administrator Randy Knighton and Assistant Administrator Marty Nix are in review and were pending a single signature Friday.

The contracts were delayed by a revision and had to be sent to the Human Resources department, Knighton said.
Knighton said the contracts were "virtually identical" to those of the previous administration.

Former County Administrator's Charley Nix's yearly salary was just below $140,000, with a six-month severance package.

Nix, Assistant Administrator Phil Sutton and Financial Director Michaela Thompson were forced to resign in January.

Sutton's position was temporarily eliminated after his resignation. Thompson has not yet been replaced.

Knighton drafted Marty Nix's contract, and he said the salary is consistent with his predecessor.

Retirement contributions aren't available on either contract, Knighton said.

"Right now, there is no retirement contribution, so neither Marty or I will be receiving any retirement, just like all other county staff," he said. "... Until retirement returns for everybody, that's when we will receive retirement."

Knighton's gasoline allowance will also be identical to his predecessor, he said.

Knighton's contract must be signed by Board of Commissioners Chairman Tom Oliver, clerk Heather Coggins, county attorney Bill Blalock and by Knighton himself.

Knighton, Nix, Blalock and Coggins have to sign the contract for assistant county administrator.

Commissioners Ashley Bell and Billy Powell began drafting Knighton's contract almost as soon as he was appointed county administrator by the board July 14.

Bell said Interim County Administrator Jock Connell helped facilitate the contract process and advised the commissioners on the market and salary for county administrators around Hall County.

"We look at Forsyth as being our comparable county, and their county administrator is making $160,000 and has a one-year severance package. So we think we got Randy for a good deal," Bell said.

Bell said Knighton was on board with the contract.

"Given the market right now and where we are, we think we got Randy definitely below what any other county manager's making for a population of $180,000 people. And Randy was very reasonable to work with, as he always is," Bell said.

Nix was appointed assistant county administrator by Knighton at Thursday's county commission meeting.

Nix is also Hall County's public safety director, and will serve a dual role as assistant administrator while continuing to lead the county's emergency 911, marshals, animal control and animal shelter.

Knighton said both his contract and Nix's should be available Monday morning.