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Hall County Court Judge Jolliff retiring after 24 years
Judge Cliff Jolliff

After almost a quarter century with the Hall County Juvenile Court, Judge Cliff Jolliff is retiring from the work he calls “extremely satisfying and extremely difficult.”

“I’ve been doing this for 24 years, and this is an opportunity for the juvenile court to go in a direction with three judges, and I thought it was time to step aside at the end of the year to allow Judge (Lindsay) Burton and her two new colleagues to take the court to new heights,” he said.

His retirement comes at a time when Hall County is adding a third juvenile judge to manage the massive juvenile caseload.

The cutoff for the judgeship applications is Sept. 5. Superior Court judges will begin the selection process toward the end of September.

Jolliff, 60, plans to work through the end of the year, with the third juvenile judge beginning work sometime this fall.

One of the biggest challenges in the juvenile code is discovering an effective way to provide legal representation to children in cases of abuse and neglect.

“We’re doing that now, but we’re still analyzing what would be the most effective way for the counties to do that,” Jolliff said.

Juvenile Court judges work in the Northeastern Judicial Circuit, including both Hall and Dawson Counties.

Jolliff said he would like to continue work with the juvenile court system in a lesser capacity. He has asked Gov. Nathan Deal to appoint him as a senior judge.

“It’s an extremely rewarding opportunity, but it is incredibly difficult and challenging,” Jolliff said. “I have confidence in the young legal talent in our community, and the Superior Court judges will have many qualified applicants from whom to select the people that follow.”