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Hall County Animal Shelter rebranding its image
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A dog waits Saturday to be taken out for a walk at the Hall County Animal Shelter in Gainesville. - photo by Erin O. Smith

The Hall County Animal Shelter hopes to separate itself from the pack of other animal welfare organizations with a new campaign.

“We are doing some rebranding for the Hall County Animal Shelter,” said Katie Crumley, public information officer with the Hall County government. “It’s been in existence since 2009, and we thought it was time to take a new look at it. It’s grown so much in recent years, and we needed to see if we were marketing it to the best of our abilities.”

Crumley said the shelter is “unique” and offers services not available at many other shelters. But many in the community don’t know the difference between the shelter and the humane society.

“The Hall County Animal Shelter and the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia do wonderful things for this area and for this community, but a lot of people are still getting confused about which is which and think they are synonymous,” she said. “And they’re really not.”

What makes the shelter different from many others is it takes in all types of animals, from dogs and cats to lizards and birds.

“In fact, the shelter has recently had to build some horse stalls to accommodate a number of horses that have come to the shelter,” Crumley said. “So they don’t turn away any types of animals. It doesn’t matter if they’re a mutt or a purebred, age, medical needs of the animal — they take all animals in.”

In an effort to make this clearer, Crumley and Hall County government have come up with a new logo to represent the county shelter.

“The logo contains a cartoon, animated drawing of a rabbit, a dog, a cat and what I believe is an iguana,” she said. “It’s cartoonish, so we think that really makes it look friendly and inviting, which is what the shelter is.”

While the county has not yet been billed for the logo, officials expect it to cost only a couple hundred dollars, Crumley said. The money came from donations to the shelter, not taxpayer money in the general fund.

Crumley said the shelter’s location has potentially turned people off in the past.

“The shelter is located on Barber Road, off Calvary Church Road, which is the same road where Hall County Road Maintenance is located, the Correctional Institution and the Hall County Jail,” she said. “That’s a dead-end road, and unfortunately not a lot of people go down that road unless they are going to one of those locations. So it doesn’t get a lot of drive-by visitors.”

Crumley said it is important the shelter does everything in its power to go into the community instead of waiting for the community to find it.

To do so, the shelter is also focusing on participation in community events. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 28, it will partner with Main Street Gainesville to host Mutts on Main in the downtown square.

“There’s going to be a fashion show for animals, agility tests, a rabies clinic and an opportunity to get your pet microchipped,” she said.

Pets are welcome at the event, or anyone interested in adopting a pet will have the opportunity. The event will also be the unofficial kickoff for the new marketing materials.

“At places like this, we want our logo on our marketing materials, our tents and signs, that capture people’s attention and that looks friendly, specifically to children,” Crumley said. “We know they have a huge heart and desire to be around animals, so that’s what we’re trying to do with this new logo.”