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Hall County: 620 homes affected in preliminary storm survey
10 deemed by FEMA standards as 'destroyed'
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A tree canopy swarms the front porch of Dustin Bland and Kami Scott's Chicopee Village home on Tuesday. The tree fell without making a sound on Monday, shocking the couple as they sat on their porch. - photo by Nick Bowman

According to Hall County’s preliminary numbers, 620 residential structures suffered some type of damage during Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irma.

The damage was spread throughout the county, including 118 considered “major” and 10 as “destroyed.”

Hall County Director of Emergency Management David Kimbrell said they did not have numbers yet on costs.

“We just do numbers of damages, and if there’s enough to meet FEMA’s threshold … then the individual person would come to apply for assistance,” he said.

The residential structures are divided by FEMA’s damage assessment matrix, which include affected, minor, major and destroyed.

Gainesville City Manager Bryan Lackey said there has been an estimated $125,000 in labor costs to clean up after Irma. Another $25,000 has been spent to haul away and dispose of storm debris.

Hall County has the preliminary number of “affected” homes as 333, which is considered minimal exterior damage. Some 150 were considered minor, which would require minimal repairs and “does not affect the structural integrity of the residence.”

Kimbrell said 11 public facilities were affected, which included trees across walking trails and some roof damage at the county work camp’s storage building.

For the 25 commercial buildings affected, three were considered destroyed and five had major damage.

“Most of that in 2015 was ice damage, so a lot of the trees fell straight down more than wind blowing them over. So much of that was power outage and trees in the roadway,” Kimbrell said.

Kimbrell added that more trees were blown into houses as compared to 2015, but there were greater power outages two years ago.

Damage assessment

620 residential structures

7 inaccessible

333 affected

150 minor

118 major

10 destroyed

25 commercial buildings

1 inaccessible

12 affected

4 minor

5 major

3 destroyed

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