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The latest on townhome proposal on McEver Road
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People gather for the Flowery Branch City Council meeting Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021. - photo by Jeff Gill

A vote on a McEver Road townhome development was put off Thursday night to give the developer more time to tweak the proposal.

The 167-unit development at 6495 McEver Road and 6509 McEver Road came close to denial Aug. 5 by the Flowery Branch City Council, as an initial motion to reject the project failed to pass. The council then voted to postpone the vote to Sept. 2.

Council members expressed concerns about incomplete plans concerning the development and its density.

“We need more clarity on this (proposal),” Councilman Joe Anglin said.

Fall Leaf is seeking annexation of parcels totaling 25 acres and rezoning from Hall County agricultural and highway business to Flowery Branch multi-family residential.

The project is resurfacing after the developer had pulled the project earlier this summer in the wake of Hall County’s objection to the annexation request.

At one point, the matter was to go before an arbitration panel, where an agreement between Hall and the developer was “anticipated,” Flowery Branch City Attorney Ron Bennett said in June.

But then, Fall Leaf pulled the proposal, only to resubmit it in July.

“The site plan is pretty much the same,” said Tommy Barnes, representing applicant Fall Leaf Residential LLC, of the new proposal. “We did reduce the number of lots from 173 to 167. Also, we are leaving a strip of land along the railroad in the county so that our annexation will not create an island of county land across the railroad.”

A few residents spoke against the project Thursday night, saying they were concerned about traffic, especially with the development so close to a busy intersection with Gaines Ferry Road.

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