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Girl bitten by dogs now healing at home
Pit bull mixes euthanized
Kadence, 5, was able to meet Wednesday with rescue workers who airlifted her to an Atlanta hospital for her injuries.

A Hall County 5-year-old who was attacked April 4 by dogs on Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville is back home with family and on the mend.

Kadence Johnson was airlifted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite after dogs — described as pit bull mix-breeds — injured her face and neck.

“Her wounds are healing from the inside out, and she is looking more like herself every day,” the girl’s aunt Tiffany Beloin said Thursday.

Kadence was released Monday from the hospital and had a check-up appointment Thursday. The doctors said her injury was “healing as it should.”

“If there’s any bad scarrings, then they may have to do another surgery,” Beloin said. “But for right now, everything’s looking really good.”

A highlight of her hospital stay was a visit Sunday from Princess Rapunzel. The 5-year-old couldn’t help but dance and sway along to Rapunzel’s song, Beloin said.

On Wednesday, she was able to thank the rescue workers that airlifted to the hospital.

Kadence’s mother Jessica Johnson previously told The Times that the girl walked through a back door toward the dogs.

From examining the backyard, Beloin said Kadence had a small purse with her holding snacks.

“They yanked the purse off of her shoulder and broke the shoulder strap,” Beloin said. “I think they went a little too far with her. I don’t think they meant to hurt her.”

All three dogs were euthanized, Beloin said.

In addition to a Gofundme page raising $1,867 as of Thursday night, Beloin said a number of stores around the area have set up donation boxes.

“We’ve had teachers come all the way to Scottish Rite and donate money, so she’s had a ton of support,” Beloin said.

The Gofundme page is at

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