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Georgia GOP is split on Congress' failed debt plan
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There was hardly a party-line vote among Georgia Republicans in Congress over Friday's debt limit proposal.

The plan approved in the afternoon by the House later was killed in the Senate.

The Senate vote was 59-41, with both Georgia senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, voting no.

In the earlier House vote that finished 218-210 in favor, Georgia's Democrats all voted against the plan, but GOP members were split. Voting yes were Phil Gingrey, Jack Kingston, Tom Price, Austin Scott, Lynn Westmoreland and Rob Woodall. Voting no were 9th District Rep. Tom Graves and Paul Broun.

"As always, I cast this vote based on my conscience, constituents, and country," Graves said in a news release after the House vote. "It's long past time to fundamentally change Washington and reform our federal government into a responsible servant of the taxpayers."

"My neighbors in North Georgia overwhelmingly agree, and in keeping the promises of my campaign and the mission given to me as their representative, I cannot approve of a debt limit increase without a sincere solution for our spending-driven debt crisis. ... America needs a plan for long-term success, not a compromise for short-term comfort."

Broun, whose district includes portions of Northeast Georgia, agreed.

"I cannot in good conscience vote for a bill that puts the future of my grandchildren and of generations to come in jeopardy," he said in an email release.

"While I respect my Republican colleagues' efforts to come up with a compromise, the people in the 10th Congressional District of Georgia did not send me to Washington to follow the herd. They sent me here to protect their liberty and to fundamentally change the way our federal government spends their money."