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GBI clears Jefferson Police Department of wrongdoing
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JEFFERSON — The Jefferson Police Department’s evidence room procedures and policies were under internal and state scrutiny in July, but the results of a Georgia Bureau of Investigation report show that "there was no evidence of any wrongdoing," according to an Aug. 12 news release.

The police department first began scrutinizing its evidence room two years ago as part of the process toward Georgia Police State Certification, which involves standardizing its policies and procedures. Chief Joseph Wirthman asked the GBI to conduct an investigation at the beginning of July to look into some "improprieties dating back three or four years ago." At that time, Darren Glenn was the department’s police chief.

"During the course of the inspection/audit, there were several evidentiary items that could not be located and a few other unanswered questions, however, after further searching and follow up, those items have been recovered and questions answered," the release stated.

In order to prevent such discrepancies from occurring in the future, the department has rewritten several of its policies and procedures, which now will require the department to conduct quarterly audits of the evidence room.