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Gainesville to receive stimulus funds for housing
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At least one Gainesville department will get some of the federal stimulus money being given to local governments across the country.

Gainesville will get at least $100,000 in federal stimulus money to support community development block grants, said Frances Williams, the city’s housing programs manager.

The city uses the block grants to benefit low- to moderate-income residents, eliminate slums and blight and meet particular urgent needs, according to a plan for previous grant funding.

Last year, the city received $394,771 in block grant money, and the city uses the funds for a variety of reasons: to build public facilities and supplement social services.

In the past, the grant has supplemented funding for the construction of sidewalks and handicap accessible curb cuts in the area of Desota, Hunter and Summit streets.

The money has also been given to various social-service agencies, including those that help people who are at risk of being homeless, and helped fund the rehabilitation of some of the low- to moderate-income houses in the city.

Williams told council members Thursday that details on the coming funding will not be known for about a month.

However, she said most of that money will likely have to be used in the area of Gainesville south of Jesse Jewell Parkway, because of information gathered on household income in the 2000 census.