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Gainesville couple discovers decapitated animal on Leach Road
The carcass of what appears to be a goat lies alongside Leach Road near Steve Brock’s home.

It was the usual Monday morning drive to work on Jan. 12 for Alice Brock down Leach Road, when something caught her eye that made her turn around.

“It takes a lot for me to do that,” she said.

Accustomed to the deer carcasses often stranded along the sides of the roads, she found herself standing over a different hoofed species — possibly a goat — without its head.

“To see an animal laying there with no head was a shock for us,” said Brock, who looked at it with her husband, Steve.

The Brocks have called Hall County Animal Control to look at it, the couple suspecting it is a goat. The hoofed animal looked as if it had an incision near its neck, Steve Brock said.

“There’s no sign of blood, although it did rain that week,” he said.

The pair found this carcass to be out of the ordinary for their roughly 17 years on Leach Road, as Alice Brock drives up that stretch to get to work. She took a picture of the animal, hoping to glean any information anyone had on what it could be.

“Everybody was looking at it, trying to figure out what it was,” Alice Brock said.

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