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Gainesville City Schools releases traffic plan for Centennial, Enota students
Both schools' students set to be on same campus for about a year
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Traffic at the Centennial Arts Academy will increase substantially when Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy students move there in January 2017, but traffic patterns are being developed to have different paths for the two schools.

The plans will take effect as Enota students are relocated to Centennial for about a year while a new Enota school is constructed. The new Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy is expected to be ready for students in January 2018.

“Centennial Arts Academy students will continue to have the same pathways that they have had,” Gainesville City Schools Superintendent Wanda Creel said Monday.

Centennial parents still will be able to enter the school from Touchdown Drive, Creel said, and drop off their children at the front of the school.

The school also will have an “elongated awning” installed to help with the drop-offs.

After leaving the circle in front of the school, parents can return the way they came in, or turn right in front of the school, and exit onto Chestatee Road.

That exit will be a right turn only onto Chestatee, Creel said, and a guard will be at the exit.

The right turn will be a road the schools “will have to re-establish,” Creel said. It was a road at one time but is no longer in use.

Work on that road will be done this summer, and it will be available throughout the construction of the new Enota facility.

Enota students will enter through Woods Mill Road, Creel said.

“We’re trying to distribute the families in two different directions so we’re not overloading one way or the other,” Creel said.

The school system will create two traffic loops near the current Ninth Grade Center to help with dropping off Enota students. That work will be done this summer, Creel said.

A loop will be created in the system’s transportation facility. Creel explained some storage containers will be moved to provide enough room for the loop.

That will allow kindergarten through third-grade students to be dropped off near a modular unit that already is adjacent to the Centennial site.

The second traffic loop will go around the Ninth Grade Center, in front of a modular unit and back through the parking lot adjacent to the center. That will provide for fourth- and fifth-grade students to be dropped off at the modular, where they probably will be housed.

The fourth- and fifth-grade students will have their own lunch period at the Ninth Grade Center — separate from the students in that building.

The other Enota students will be in the two modular units at the end of the Centennial building and on the second floor of an addition that will be constructed for Centennial. That work is expected to begin in May.

Creel said the building will house students that are the same ages from both schools.

Another change will add an awning — 17 feet high — between the addition and the Centennial main building. That road would be for only bus traffic, Creel said.

Creel also said teachers of classes such as art or music, or school nurses, would go to where the children are, rather than have the students move between buildings.

Three meetings are scheduled — for 7:30 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. April 12 and 5:30 p.m. April 13 — at Enota to discuss the new school, procedures for the moves of the students and re-creating the garden at the school.

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