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Ga. 369 road projects in Gainesville still in the works
A series of improvements are planned at the intersection of Jesse Jewell and Queen City parkways. - photo by Clark Leonard

Traffic relief is on the way for busy Ga. 369 in Gainesville, but just how soon a pair of long-awaited turn lane improvements will be made isn’t known yet.

“The construction timeline for the (work) is dependent upon right of way acquisition,” public works director Chris Rotalsky said.

Right of way is being secured for an eastbound right-turn lane on Jesse Jewell Parkway/Ga. 369 at Auburn Avenue and an eastbound right turn-lane after Ga. 369 turns into Browns Bridge Road at West End Avenue. Auburn Avenue is across from Alta Vista Cemetery, and West End Avenue is just east of Pearl Nix Parkway.

The projects date back several years, with the city receiving a $522,125 grant in 2014 from the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank, a State Road and Tollway Authority-run program that provides grants and loans for transportation projects.

The work, which should help relieve traffic on Ga. 369, a major artery cutting through the heart of Gainesville, isn’t an especially big transportation project.

But “it was one that qualified for grant funding,” former public works director David Dockery said. “We just picked some low-hanging fruit to get started on the (master plan).”

The city’s transportation master plan features a bevy of projects involving road widenings and other improvements, as well as new construction, through 2040.

“These projects, especially if they involve state routes, have a very lengthy approval process,” Dockery has said.

Another project that has been on the city’s radar for a long time involves improvements at Jesse Jewell and Queen City Parkway/Ga. 60.

With construction estimated in 2019-20, the project involves adding eastbound and westbound right-turn lanes on Ga. 369 and a northbound right-turn lane on Ga. 60. The work also involves realigning the intersection and extending left-turn lanes on Ga. 60.

Queen City traffic flows straight onto John Morrow Parkway, where officials also plan to extend left-turn lanes. A traffic signal upgrade also is planned.

Overall, “the project will enhance the efficiency of vehicular movements at the intersection,” Rotalsky said.

The city is paying for engineering, and the Georgia Department of Transportation would acquire right of way. Construction funding would come from the state and the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement program.