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Forsyth County renews ambulance service at higher price
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Forsyth County commissioners split over a vote Tuesday to renew Forsyth County’s ambulance service contract for 2013 with a 10 percent increase in costs.Advanced Ambulance sought the increase to recoup debts being written off from indigent users and fuel costs that can no longer be absorbed, said Donna Kukarola, procurement director. Kukarola recommended renewing the contract at the previously agreed upon 3 percent increase annually for the five-year contract extension.The commission voted 3-2, with Commissioners Pete Amos and Jim Boff opposed, to do so.The increase will add nearly $67,000 to the cost in 2013 and about $355,000 for the overall five-year contract.The price for 2013 totals a little more than $1 million.Through the agreement, the county receives six 24-hour emergency ambulances staffed by a paramedic and an emergency medical technician.The additional cost will be taken from the county’s reserve fund, which is about $6 million above the minimum policy savings of 25 percent of the total budget, finance director David Gruen said.