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Food bank receives help to get 24 pallets of food from FEMA
01172018 COMMUNITY
XPO Logistics helped the Georgia Mountain Food Bank get 24 pallets of food from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Pictured, from left, are Steve Mueller, operations director at GMFB; Eric Oliver, senior operations manager at XPO Logistics; Albert Walter, driver with Jensen Hauling; and Kay Blackstock, executive director at GMFB.

Georgia Mountain Food Bank received a full tractor-trailer load of food, which was approximately 24 pallets, a donation made possible by GMFB corporate partner XPO Logistics.  

The food bank received notice that the Federal Emergency Management Agency would be emptying a warehouse in Jacksonville, Fla. Because of this, FEMA was offering tractor-trailer loads of individual food boxes to food banks is Georgia and Florida. Each food box contains one container of ravioli, apple sauce, crackers, cookies, granola bars, peanuts, cutlery and napkins. 

FEMA had 1,776 pallets of the food boxes available to any food bank that could coordinate and secure transportation of the load.    

That is where Eric Oliver, senior operations manager at XPO Logistics, stepped in to help.  XPO offered to coordinate, haul and deliver the load to the food bank.