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Flowery Branch Police to update software for state data requests
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Flowery Branch City Hall at 5410 W. Pine St. is the South Hall city's government center, including the police department. - photo by Scott Rogers

Flowery Branch Police will soon transfer data to new software providers to stay compliant with state regulations.

Police Chief David Spillers said the software provider the department has used since 2006 for data management is no longer compliant with state standards regarding municipal court fine remittances and crash data reporting.

“Whenever a case is made against somebody, a portion of the fine goes back to the state. There’s probably 10 or so remittances that come out of any fine paid to the state,” Spillers said, mentioning the statutory jail and victims’ funds.

To stay in compliance, Spillers said the department has had to do some of the work manually, but the manual approach is “costing us extra work and extra effort to do it by hand.”

The department is also subject to periodic audits regarding its access to the Georgia Crime Information Center to ensure the department is following the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s regulations. Spillers said the current provider was not vetted with the GBI.

“Because of all those non-compliance issues, we just decided it’s best to move on to a company that was vetted with the GBI, was (Georgia Crime Information Center) compliant and was compliant with all the requirements of the state,” he said.

According to the Flowery Branch city council executive summary, the contracts for the two providers, SSI and CJT, would cost the city $55,380 and $8,400 each year, respectively.

The staff recommended an additional $8 per citation on the SSI contract, as well as an additional $3 per citation for the CJT contract, according to the executive summary.

Spillers said the department is waiting to begin data conversion and hopes to have it completed by November.

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