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First female chief officer looking to take next challenge
Grice promoted to battalion chief for Hall County Fire Services
Christie Grice

With 17 years of baby steps up the ranks, Christie Grice said she was ready to keep climbing with Hall County Fire Services.

“I was always looking for another challenge, and this was the next challenge for me,” Grice said.

Grice was promoted to battalion chief of business services, becoming the first female officer for Hall County Services.

“I don’t want to take away from it being the first female, but at the same time, the way I look at it, she’s a very qualified candidate that just happened to be a female,” said Hall County Fire Chief Jeff Hood.

Grice now oversees the business side of the fire department, including the emergency medical service coordinator, the job she filled since February 2014.

“That goes a long way in the business service chief position,” Hood said. “You have to have that experience.”

Grice thanked her supportive family and also the network of people around her in her career since 1998 as an emergency medical technician.

“For me, it was an honor to take that position, but I have to say I have surrounded myself around people who are good mentors and everyone here that has been successful or is successful,” Grice said. “They have really good character traits that I like to try and follow.”

One such mentor, Grice said, was former EMS coordinator Tim Peebles, who guided her to classes and helped as she toiled to learn more.

“He was that type of person I could always call no matter what the situation, whether it was a personal situation or business,” Grice said.

In the last month, Hall County Fire Services graduated five female recruits, another first for the department related to diversity. Hood said he strives to create a department that better represents the community.

“I think it will inspire other females,” Hood said. “A lot of them don’t think there’s a place for them in the fire service, but that’s certainly not the truth.”