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Family learning new details about injured Marines condition
Pfc. Sean Adams may return next week to U.S.
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Family members of Sean Adams have created a website and a Facebook page to provide updates on his condition. Email inquiries can be sent to

More details are emerging about the condition and status of a 2011 Chestatee High School graduate severely injured Friday by a blast from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

Turns out the amputation of Pfc. Sean Adams' right leg wasn't as extensive as first thought — just above his knees as opposed to up to his pelvis.

Also, he suffered a shrapnel injury to his left eye, and his Hall County family has learned that both Adams' lungs "were bruised really badly from the concussion of the blast ... and both his ear drums are ruptured," said his brother, Josh Adams, on Monday.

Adams, 19, an engineer in the U.S. Marine Corps, is heavily sedated "to the point that he doesn't feel anything," he said.

He was on patrol checking roads and searching for improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, in the village of Kajaki when he stepped on one.

Because of the extent and type of injuries, officials "think he was practically right over (the bomb) when (the explosion) happened," Adams said.

The Marine is receiving treatment in Germany and the word now is that he will possibly be sent to Bethesda, Md., by next week.

Family members have created a website and a Facebook page to provide updates on his condition. The outpouring of support has been huge, Adams said.

"We've gotten phone calls and Facebook responses from Australia, Germany, Texas and California," he said.

The family also is exploring whether they can set up a bank account on Sean's behalf and be able to help pay for recovery costs.

To get through the crisis, Adams' loved ones are relying heavily on their faith.

"The person that needs to be lifted up for anything that happens from now on is God," Adams said.

He preached Sunday at his church, Murrayville Baptist, on his brother's situation.

"It's all God and it's all going to be God, and our family understands that," Adams said.