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2009 election guide
Candidates and other ballot issues for Tuesday's municipal elections
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Election 2009

What: Municipal elections for cities in Hall and nearby counties
Election Day: Tuesday
Runoff: Dec. 1, if needed
Voter ID: Each voter will complete a voter certificate at the polling place. The poll worker will request one of the required forms of photo ID, which includes: Georgia driver’s license; valid voter ID card or other valid ID card issued by a branch, department, agency, or entity of Georgia, any other state or the United States; valid U.S. passport; valid employee ID card containing a photograph of the elector and issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of state, city, county or U.S. government; valid military ID card with a photo; valid tribal ID card with a photo. If a voter does not have a valid photo ID or if the voter’s name cannot be located on the voters’ list, a provisional ballot may be cast.

(Note: In some cities where there are no contested races, elections will not be held. Residents in those cities can check with local officials to determine if elections still are scheduled).

Hall County
Voting sites: Early voting, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays through Oct. 30. Hall County Elections Office, 2285 Browns Bridge Road, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
On Election Day:
Wards 1 and 2, Civic Center
Ward 3, Fair Street Neighborhood Center
Wards 4 and 5, Georgia Mountains Center
City Council: Ward 1, Danny Dunagan; Ward 4, George Wangemann (I)
School Board: Ward 1, R. David Syfan (I), Kellie Weeks; Ward 4, Delores Diaz, Richard Lacey
Nonbinding referendums: Elected positions for mayor and school board chairman; all city residents eligible to vote

Voting site: Early voting, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays through Oct. 30, Town Hall, 122 Dean St., 770-983-7568
Mayor: James Nix (I)
City Council: Lynn Adams, James “Sonny” Helton (I), Mary Ellen Rogers

Flowery Branch
Voting site: Early voting, through Oct. 30, City Hall, 5517 Main St., 770-967-6371
Mayor: Diane Hirling (I)
City Council: Post 3, Stacy Carlson, Kristopher Yardley; Post 4, James Miller, Otto Mutzberg; Post 5, Christopher Bozeman, Tara Richards

Voting site: City Hall, 6288 Ga. 52, 770-869-9000
Mayor: Larry Poole (I)
City Council: Post 1, Roy Turpin (I)

Voting site: Early voting, through Oct. 30, City Hall, 6055 Main St., 770-869-3801
Mayor: Milton Turner (I), Paul Cox
City Council: Post 2, Vicky Chambers (I), Bruce Lane; Post 3, Mordecai Wilson (I)

Voting site: City Hall, 4035 Walnut Circle, 770-534-2365
Mayor: Lamar Scroggs (I)
City Council: Post 1, Sam Evans (I); Post 2, Ron McFarland (I)

Banks County
Voting site: Early voting available at the county Registrar’s Office at 150 Hudson Ridge, Homer, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Oct. 30. 706-677-6260. All 13 precincts will be open Nov. 3. Votes will be tallied at the Banks County courthouse on Nov. 3.
County candidates
County Commission: (Two newly created seats), Post 2, Ray Holcomb, Neal Pulliam, Ernest Rogers, Fred Wendt; Post 4, Jerry Coach Loftice, Robin Trotter, Charles Turk
Homer candidates
Mayor: Douglas Cheeks (I), Sandra Garrison
City Council: (All five seats open), Betty Borders (I), Cliff B. Hill, Jerry Payne (I), Tony Sullivan, Chris Tucker (I)

Dawson County
Voting site: Early voting 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 12-29, Dawson County Board of Elections and Registration, 462 Memory Lane, Suite 150, Dawsonville, 706-344-3640. On Election Day, voters use their regular county precincts.
City Council: (Two seats open), Calvin Byrd, Frank Craft, Joe F. Fortune, Linda Grant (I), James Grogan, Alen Metzel
Other issues: Voting to extend 1-cent sales tax for schools.

Habersham County
Voting site: City Hall, 162 S Grant St., 706-778-8035
City Council: Post 1, Cathy Armour (I); Post 3, Margaret Beaupre (I); Post 5, Gary Terrell (I)

Voting site: County registrar’s office, 555 Monroe St., Unit 45, Clarkesville, 706-754-4068.
Mayor: Mike Kelley (I), Jerry R. Neace
City Council: Post 4, Michael Parker, Jeff D. Parrish; Post 5, Robert Bohannon (I), Mark Reed

Voting site: City Hall, 123 N. Laurel Drive, 706-754-4216,
Mayor: Terry Greene (I)
City Council: Post 1, Tina Evans (I); Post 2,
Robert R. Aycock, Tommy Burgess, Cadman Robb Kiker III, Becky Sandven; Post 4, Franklin Brown (I); Post 5, Brad Lewallen (I)
Ballot question: Allowing liquor by the drink in the city

Voting site: County registrar’s office, 555 Monroe St., Unit 45, Clarkesville, 706-754-4068.
City Council: Ward 2, Ernie Garrett, Janice E. Griggs; Ward 3, Don Bagwell (I)

Voting site: County registrar’s office, 555 Monroe St., Unit 45, Clarkesville, 706-754-4068.
Mayor: Malcolm Hunnicutt (I)
City Council: (Two at-large seats), Bruce Harkness, Perry Hendrix (I), Junior Stephens, Florence Wikle

Mount Airy
Voting site: County registrar’s office, 555 Monroe St., Unit 45, Clarkesville, 706-754-4068.
Mayor: Gary E. Morris (I)
City Council: (Two at-large seats), Bobby Ayers (I), Ray McAllister (I), Cynthia Tyler

Jackson County
Voting site: Police and Municipal Court building, 706-654-3915
Mayor: Ralph Richardson Jr., Bill Orr
Town Council: District 2, Bill Greene, Peggy Slappey

Voting site: City Hall, 27 Sycamore St., 706-335-3164
Mayor: Sammy Thomason
City Council: Ward I, Archie Chaney (I); Ward II, Darren Owensby, Donald Wilson (I)
School Board: District 1, Arthur Pattman (I), Keelan Rucker; District 2, Robby Barnett, Mary Seabolt (I)

Voting site: City Hall, 79 City Square, 706-654-3034
Mayor: Robbie Bettis, Erma Denney, Jim Keinard
City Council: Post 1, Sandie Romer; Post 2, Jim Higginbottom; Post 3, Jim Cleveland; Post 5, Scott Butler

Voting site:
Jefferson Fire Department, 129 Athens St. Cointact: 706-367-5121
Mayor: Jim Joiner (I), Debbie Langley
City Council: District 2, Kathy DuBose; District 4, Randall Griffith (I), Brian Mitsdarffer
School Board: Chairman, Ronald Hopkins (I); District 2, Janice Wilbanks; District 4, Derrell Crowe (I)

Lumpkin County
Voting site: Early voting scheduled at City Hall; on Election Day at Lumpkin County Community Center. Contact: Lumpkin County Election Supervisor, 706-864-6279
Mayor: Gary McCullough (I)
City Council: Post 1, Ralph Prescott, (I); Post 2, Johnny Ariemma (I), John Webb; Post 3, Robert Bridges, Gerald Lord (I)

White County
Countywide vote for Special Option Local Sales Tax to construct new middle school building
Voting sites:
Blue Creek, Blue Creek Baptist Church Community Building, 2496 Ga. 255 S.
Blue Ridge, Fire Station No. 6, 6449 U.S. 129 N.
Mossy Creek, Moss Creek United Methodist Church, Post Road
Mount Yonah, Cleveland First Baptist Church, Church Street
Nacoochee, Sautee Nacoochee Community Building, 223 Ga. 255 N.
Robertstown, Center Baptist Church, 109 Elrod Road
Shoal Creek, Shoal Creek Baptist Church Community Building, 142 Shoal Creek Road
Tesnatee, White County Recreation Department, 326 Asbestos Road
Town Creek, Town Creek Baptist Church Community Building, 664 Narrow Lane
White Creek, Pioneer RESA, 1342 Ga. 254

Voting info: Chief Registrar, 706-865-2225
City Council: Ward III, Edward Young (I); Ward IV, Bradley Greene (I)

Voting site:
City Hall, 25 Alpenrosen Strasse, 706-878-2733
City Council: (Three seats open), Jack Champagne (I), Judy Holloway, Donnie Simonds, Helen Wilkins (I), Lynn Whitener

Regional events