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New voting sticker wont replace the peachy one
Early voters in Hall County are getting this new sticker instead of the traditional peachy one.


Haydee Anderson explains why she prefers the traditional Georgia peach voter sticker over the new touchscreen voter sticker.

For years, Georgia voters have exited polls proudly sporting the peach sticker touting yes, indeed, "I’m a Georgia Voter."

But early voters casting their ballots in Hall County this week are leaving polling sites with a new sticker stating "I voted touchscreen." The sticker’s stylized design advertises the touchscreen computer voting method used in Hall County.

Charlotte Sosebee-Hunter, the county’s interim elections director, said the Hall County election office still will use the state-issued peach stickers for Super Tuesday, but the touchscreen sticker is being distributed to voters this week only.

"It’s kind of a conversation piece so to speak," Sosebee-Hunter said. "If I’m in the grocery store and somebody sees this different sticker, they’re going to be more likely to question the look of it. And that’s my chance to say early voting is going on right now, and the election is Feb. 5."

Sosebee-Hunter said that while the state provides the "peach" stickers, the county paid for the "touchscreen" stickers. She added that other counties also may be using similar stickers.

Hall County voter Dave Anderson said he likes the idea of wearing a sticker to remind others to vote.

"It’s a walking advertisement. I don’t care what it is," he said.

But Anderson’s wife, Haydee Anderson, does care.

"I’d rather have the peach. It was nice," Haydee Anderson said. "The other one has been (around) for a long time ... and everybody knows what it means. And now we have to start all over again and to work and tell everybody what it is."

Sosebee-Hunter said fans of the peach sticker need not worry.

"People like their stickers," she said. "The peach will stay."

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