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Hall County Schools to install Wi-Fi points at local parks in clusters, closes on agribusiness property
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The Hall County Schools Board of Education announced its plans for new outdoor Wi-Fi access points for each school cluster during a meeting on Monday, Oct. 19, 2020. - photo by Kelsey Podo

Having 24/7 access to Wi-Fi will soon be easier for Hall County students and parents this fall.  

During the Hall County Schools Board of Education meeting on Monday, Oct. 19, Aaron Turpin, assistant superintendent of technology, announced the district’s plans for setting up additional Wi-Fi access points not only at each school, but in Hall parks and other outdoor locations in all seven clusters.  

Turpin said all the funding for the project came from the state who sent the equipment. 

“One of the things we’re cognizant of is not all parents and students have access to high speed internet at home,” Turpin said before the board. 

The internet will be filtered the same way it is at each campus, so children won’t be able to access inappropriate material. Turpin said the Wi-Fi won’t be accessible to typical park visitors, just students and teachers with the guest password. 

A new access point has already been tested at Chicopee Woods Elementary’s outdoor classrooms, which works 120 feet away from the building. Turpin said the connectivity will prove strong enough for Zoom calls as well as livestreaming.  

“We have Wi-Fi at the Hog Mountain Sports Complex and the East Hall Community Center,” Turpin said after the meeting. “That’s the first part. We hope to have them in all seven clusters by Thanksgiving.” 

In other business 

At the Monday meeting, Superintendent Will Schofield said the district closed on the property for its new Agribusiness Center. The 51-acre plot was priced at $775,000. The land will provide a cattle herd working farm and agribusiness education for middle and high school students.  

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