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This is how Gainesville's new armed security guard program might work
Gainesville School Board Office

The Gainesville City school board on Monday, Aug. 15, presented a first draft of a new policy allowing security guards to carry weapons on campus. 

In July, the school system approved $1 million in funding to hire an armed security guard at each of its nine schools, as well as a security manager who will oversee their operations. 

Teachers would not be allowed to carry arms. The policy applies only to security guards, Superintendent Jeremy Williams said. 

According to the policy, the security guards must undergo training before being hired, including “training on judgment, pistol shooting, marksmanship, and a review of current laws relating to the use of force for the defense of self or others.” 

However, the superintendent would have the power to waive training requirements if the person “has previously served as a certified law enforcement.”

“Each employee appointed must be licensed under the laws of the state to carry a firearm and shall be subject to an annual criminal history background check,” the policy says. 

The superintendent would be responsible for preparing and maintaining a list of the types and quantity of weapons and ammunition. 

Concealed weapons would be allowed only if they are kept in a holster. Weapons could not be kept in purses, bags and so on. 

Otherwise, weapons “shall be maintained in a secured lock safe or similar lock box that cannot be easily accessed by students,” the policy says. 

There is a one-month waiting period before the policy can be adopted.