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Deal closer to clean up affected cove in Forsyth County
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Residents near a lakeside cove overcome by silt since a May 19 dam breach finally may get some relief.

Cumming officials and the family that owns the Lake Alice dam are closer to a plan for cleaning up the cove, unless the state Environmental Protection Division steps in.

“I would hope we could be done well before that,” said Michael Carvalho, attorney for the Mashburn family trust. “We’re going to do it right.”

Some 50 homeowners in the area have been affected. Recently, a barrier holding back the dirt gave way after heavy rains.

The breach in May carried water and silt from Lake Alice into nearby Lake Lanier.

Scott Morgan, director of the city’s planning and zoning department, said it will “hit the ground running immediately” after the EPD approves the agreement.

The plan is for construction of a weir structure to reduce sediment moving downstream. A weir is a barrier that forms an obstruction smaller than most dams, pooling water behind it while also allowing water to flow steadily over the top.

Morgan said the city’s efforts to clean the sediment from the cove would likely be through some form of dredging. The goal is to restore the cove to the amount of sediment that was there prior to May 19.

The Georgia Water Coalition recently added Lake Alice to its “Dirty Dozen” list of the top 12 worst offenses to state waters.

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