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Wauka Mountain observes World Down Syndrome Day
Socks were main method of honoring occasion
Wauka Mountain Multiple Intelligences Academy celebrated World Down Syndrome Day on Monday.

Socks were everywhere — or so it appeared at Wauka Mountain Multiple Intelligences Academy on Monday.

The school was celebrating World Down Syndrome Day, and teachers and students wore their wildest, brightest socks. Students also made paper socks — and decorated them — that were hung all through the hallways of the school.

Mandy Sullens, a teacher who helped organize the event, explained the day was chosen because of the “uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome,” which causes Down syndrome. The day has been observed since 2012.

Sullens explained that Wauka Mountain has two boys with Down syndrome in its student body — a second-grader and a fourth-grader.

She also said Jaemor Farms donated $1 for each student and teacher who wore their colorful socks. By mid-day, the number of participants was up to 350, she said.

Teachers also wore T-shirts that said, “Down Right Perfect.”

It was the first year the school had observed the official day, Sullens said.

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