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Club to put harassment in spotlight
Kids to be taught about appropriate behavior
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Sexual Harassment Workshop for Kids

When: 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: St. Paul United Methodist Church, 705 Summit St., Gainesville

Contact: The Newtown Florist Club, 770-718-1343

Some students will be getting a lesson Saturday on where it’s appropriate to touch or be touched.

The Newtown Florist Club is holding a sexual harassment workshop at St. Paul United Methodist Church that aims to teach kids about their own personal rights and how to avoid violating the rights of others.

Faye Bush, the club’s executive director, said several school principals and Gainesville schools Superintendent Merrianne Dyer will be on hand at the workshop to inform children and parents about the type of touching at school that might land students in trouble.

Bush also said a representative from the district attorney’s office, as well as police officers and State Court Judge Bonnie Chessher-Oliver, will educate students and parents on sexual harassment laws that apply to kids inside and outside of the school building.

"These days, young people can get in trouble for just putting their hands on a person, and they don’t know that and some parents don’t know that," Bush said. "We’re trying mostly to just educate the kids and their parents. We want these people to come and talk about the law and what they can and can’t do in school."

School leaders from Gainesville Middle School, Gainesville High School and East Hall High School will speak at the informational meeting Saturday.

"It’s really to prevent young men from growing up with sexual charges," Bush said.