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Clermont extends moratorium on subdivision development
Mayor says town trying to grow 'the way you want to'
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Next town meeting

The Clermont Town Council meets again in a work session Feb. 21 at 7 p.m.

There was a time when the town of Clermont didn’t have “anybody around here,” Mayor Jim Nix said. Those simpler times are a thing of the past, according to the mayor.

Sure, the population is still sparse — about 922 according to a 2015 U.S. Census estimate — but that’s an increase of 122 percent from the 415 who lived there in 2000.

That growth spurt, along with having a subdivision ordinance that has not been updated in 15 years or more, is the reason that Clermont voted this week to extend another 90 days a temporary moratorium on subdivision development.

Since the moratorium was initially put in place in November, Nix said there have been no plans submitted. He said subdivisions previously approved by the town have been grandfathered into the ordinance currently on the books.

“We’re trying to get that subdivision ordinance rewritten and up to date,” Nix told The Times on Thursday. “We started on it over the holidays and just didn’t make the progress we hoped to. So we just extended it so that we can try to get it in place and kind of fit today’s situation and not be outdated. That’s all it is.”

Nix said he’s confident that work on revising the subdivision ordinance will be completed by April or earlier and that there would be no need for another extension.

The resolution reads in part that “the cost of providing services to a typical subdivision is greater than the revenues received by the Town regarding said subdivision, and therefore there is need by the Town to plan for development.”

The moratorium applies to “the rezoning of real property and the issuance of building permits regarding subdivision development,” according to the resolution.

The subdivision ordinance is being revised simultaneously with a revision of the town’s comprehensive plan, Nix said. He said the comprehensive plan review and revision should be completed by March.

“It should be done and ready for approval then. It’s been through all of its review processes,” Nix said.

The town has had zoning in place, Nix said, and the subdivision ordinance will look at things such as density, conservation type of subdivisions, and simply how streets and homes should look.

According to the mayor, there’s been no pushback or complaints about the moratorium.

“Years ago, things were very simple,” Nix said. “Now, you’ve got a lot more that you have to watch out for. It’s a matter of growing in the way you want to grow. That’s all it is.”

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