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Clermont considering private trash pickup
Clermont’s garbage pickup team drives along Station Drive on Monday on its route through the small northern Hall County city. Clermont is taking bids through today to privatize the service.

Clermont is looking to turn over its garbage service to a private contractor.

“Our truck is old and needs some work,” Mayor James Nix said. “We’re looking to have somebody else do that for us.”

The North Hall town of nearly 900 people is accepting bids through today for the service.

The Town Council could vote on a contractor as early as its next meeting on Tuesday.

“Our fiscal year starts July 1, so we’d like to at least have (a contractor) in place by then, if not sooner,” Nix said. “We’ll just have to see what we can work out through the bids.”

The current truck is kept at the town shop off Oxford Road and Main Street. The city has run its own trash service for about a decade or more, Nix said.

“We use our maintenance guys and it takes them about half a day to do the work every (Monday),” he said.

Contractors interested in the work can drop off bids at Clermont Town Hall, 109 King St.

They are asked to provide separate bids for trash pickup only and trash pickup with recycling, as well as say whether containers will be supplied and resident containers will be allowed, according to the town’s website.

Trash pickup is optional for residents. The city, which has about 90 customers, charges $72 every six months for the service.

“We would do the billing and just have (the contractor) pick up for the customers,” Nix said.

Cost savings would come from not having to operate the truck.

Also, “the guys who are having to do (the pickups) can do some other work,” Nix said. “We’ve got plenty for them to do.”