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Chestatee High senior girls 'aint neva scurred'
Chestatee High School senior Chelsea Cheshire, left, 17, laughs after putting a hand mark on the face of senior Kristen Beck, 17, as the students get ready for a Sept. 11 football game against Johnson High School. - photo by SARA GUEVARA

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Wherever the Chestatee High School War Eagles play each Friday night during football season, you will find a group of girls ready to cheer them on.

Chestatee seniors Shelby Bright, Chelsea Cheshire, Kara Honea, Amy Werner, Lindsey Crain, Megan Montrois and Emily Beck are dedicated to supporting their friends and school.

To prepare for the game each week, the friends paint a different saying on “the wall” at the school and make new T-shirts to wear to Friday night’s game.

“Every Wednesday we make the front of our shirts, and every Thursday we make the backs of our shirts,” Chelsea Cheshire said.

The T-shirts sport a different saying every week.

“We come up with a saying on Wednesday that would describe the game somehow,” Cheshire said. “Thursday night we paint the wall, and then Friday, before the games, we paint our faces and cook out.”

All of the girls have been going to football games since their freshman year; however, they haven’t always been going to the games as a group.

“Last year was the first year we all started going together and making the shirts,” Kara Honea said.

Between the T-shirts, face-painting and even “senior” black-and-white bandanas, these girls know how to show support for their football players.

“We’re so close, and we love to hang out and go support them because those are all of our best friends out there,” Shelby Bright said.

Megan Montrois’ favorite part of going to the football games is “screaming in the front row.”

Emily Beck is not only cheering on her friends, but her brothers as well.

Brantley Beck, her twin, is a senior football player, while Brice Beck, her other brother, is a junior football player. Emily Beck’s dad, Jon Beck, is an assistant coach at Chestatee. She said that it is “really exciting” for her to see her brothers play when the War Eagles are winning.

“I’m really competitive, and I love it very much,” Emily Beck said.

The girls celebrate when the War Eagles win, but they don’t let losses get them down.

“We always run out on the field to see the players whether they win or lose,” Lindsey Crain said.

The girls were pumped last week for the Johnson versus Chestatee game. The War Eagle wall that the girls painted said “We ain’t neva scurred” for the game.

What’s the story behind the saying that is a common one for Cheshire, Bright and Honea?

“It’s senior year, so we’re going to live it up, and we’re not scared of anything,” Cheshire said.