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Cherokee Bluffs loom from past into present
Historic South Hall rock cliffs become brand for new Hall schools
09032017 Bluffs 5.jpg
Ken Cochran, left, Chris and Pam Puckett, and Teresa Owens, right, visits the large rocky outcropping Aug. 31 at Cherokee Bluffs Park . Open since 2015, the park is a 168-acre sprawling park with an amphitheater, pavilions, and a multi-use bike/pedestrian trail. - photo by Scott Rogers
Cherokee Bluffs is an area of large, natural formations of rock cliffs in South Hall that has history as both hunting grounds for Native Americans as well temporarily sheltering families of early settlers underneath the overhang of the rocks. The area has gained a little attention recently with a decision last week by the Hall County school board to name its new middle and high schools, which open next fall, after Cherokee Bluffs.