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Cagle, Kemp spar again over trust
07162018 DEBATE
Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, right, responds to Secretary of State Brian Kemp during the second and final televised debate at a Channel 2 Action News studio on Sunday, July 15, 2018, in Atlanta. The runoff to decide the Republican candidate for governor will be held July 24. (Jenna Eason/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP) - photo by Associated Press

ATLANTA — The two Republicans vying for Georgia’s governor continued to imply their opponent can’t be trusted in a heated debate.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle squared off Sunday at WSB-TV in Atlanta.

Kemp assailed Cagle over a secret recording released last month in which Cagle can be heard saying he pushed a bill he considered “bad public policy” for political gain.

Cagle shot back saying Kemp had conspired with former candidate Clay Tippins to record Cagle without his knowledge and release snippets to the media.

Cagle held a steady lead early in the race, but Kemp has recently closed the gap in public polling.

The contest is locked in a virtual dead heat with just over a week left before the runoff is decided July 24. Early voting continutes this week.

Cagle is fresh off a key endorsement from NRA President Oliver North at a fish fry Saturday in Gainesville.

“I’m here because there’s only one candidate for governor who’s been endorsed by the National Rifle Association, has a sterling record in support of the Second Amendment and is going to make sure your gun rights, and many rights, are going to be defended,” North said Saturday.