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She’s 27, Gypsy Threads is hers and she’s moving the boutique near the square
01242020 GYPSY 1.jpg
Taylor Wilson, owner of Gypsy Threads Boutique, is moving her clothing store to downtown Gainesville in the former Rooster's Perch location on Bradford Street NE. The business is currently at 1175 Thompson Bridge Road. - photo by Scott Rogers

Making her own clothes as a little girl, Taylor Wilson always knew she wanted to be in the fashion industry.

Even after graduating from the University of North Georgia with a marketing degree, fashion was calling her name. So she answered.

“If I could go back and tell my younger self, I think I could definitely see myself doing this,” Wilson said. “But I never really expected it. I just never expected the events to play out the way that they did.”

Wilson owns Gypsy Threads Boutique on Thompson Bridge Road after working there for two-and-a-half years. She bought the business from the original owner, Suzanne Doty, almost a year ago.

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Gypsy Threads Boutique offers unique items that owner Taylor Wilson said will help the shop stand out when it moves to downtown Gainesville just off the square. - photo by Scott Rogers

Now, the 27-year-old is making the place her own, moving to the old Rooster’s Perch space off the Gainesville square at 210 Bradford St. NE

“I think it will be cool because I'll get to put my own touch on things because it will be completely renovated,” Wilson said.

The move brings yet another clothing boutique to the square — a crowded space with Dress Up, The Bee’s Knees, Image Boutique and even Fashion Ten.

So Wilson said as a newcomer, she’s hoping to stand out, just like she said the business has since it opened in 2015.

“I think that we kind of pride ourselves on being a little bit different,” Wilson said. “We kind of have the high school girl customer, we have her mom and we have her grandma. You just have to have a little bit of a different — a little more funky style. We're pretty boho, and it's just a little bit different than some of the other places around Gainesville for that reason.”

She said they “don’t do a lot of basics” at Gypsy Threads. Their clothes are “just a little more out there.”

“I think that everything we carry, all of our pieces, are special in a way,” Wilson said. “We don't just want to be mainstream. We try to stand out a little bit more.”

01242020 GYPSY 4.jpg
Gypsy Threads Boutique offers clothing with a boho vibe. The shop is moving to downtown Gainesville this spring. - photo by Scott Rogers

Besides the clothes for sale, Wison tries to stand out by offering help to customers however she can. She said every now and again, someone will walk into the store with a pair of their shoes or a pair of their pants and ask for her help finding something to go with it.

“It’s more of a personal touch,” said Leslie White, a Gypsy Threads customer. “I’ll get a phone call saying they got a new shipment in and to come by and see them. Or she’ll text pictures saying she thinks I’ll look great in something. It’s more of a one-on-one shopping experience.”

White owns Resource Brokers and Resource Property Management in Gainesville, and the company’s office is right beside the new Gypsy Threads location. White said she's excited but a little nervous, too.

“I really may go broke going shopping,” White said, laughing. “The temptation is next door now.”

01242020 GYPSY 5.jpg
Gypsy Threads Boutique is moving to downtown Gainesville this spring. Owner Taylor Wilson is taking her clothing store to the former Rooster's Perch location on Bradford Street NE. - photo by Scott Rogers

White said Wilson is “one of the best-dressed girls in town,” and it’s all because she truly loves what she’s doing.

“I've always loved clothes. I've always loved fashion,” Wilson said.

It not only shows through the clothes she wears — they often come from the store — it shows through the clothes she offers at Gypsy Threads, too.

“I feel like it kind of has a different edge that nowhere else in Gainesville has,” said Kristin Barrett, another Gypsy Threads customer. “I feel like it’s a little bit more trendy than a lot of the stores that are in and around Gainesville. And I just appreciate that it’s local.”

She could shop online, but she said she likes being able to try something on in person and get someone else’s opinion before she buys it.

“I like that I can get stuff that’s kind of more retro but still has a modern flair to it that I don’t think you can find anywhere else around here,” Barrett said.

The new space is a little bit bigger than what Wilson has now, but there are walls that need to come down. When she’s done with it, it will be “a very open floor plan,” with plenty of room to show off the clothes Gypsy Threads offers.

“I just think it will be good to be up there, and I think me being able to renovate completely, it will feel more like mine,” Wilson said. “I get to put my own touch and my own spin on things there.”

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Gypsy Threads owner Taylor Wilson is moving her clothing store to downtown Gainesville in the former Rooster's Perch location on Bradford Street NE. The business is currently at 1175 Thompson Bridge Road. - photo by Scott Rogers
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