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Breaking Bread Food Pantry back in business but to smaller extent
Montine Clark, right, picks out some bread Monday from a selection of food at the Breaking Bread Food Pantry. Helping Clark fill her basket is volunteer Harold London. - photo by Tom Reed
Breaking Bread Food Pantry in Gainesville has reopened its doors but parted ways with a former chief supplier, Atlanta Community Food Bank. “I hate that, because they were such a good partner with us ... but they’re the middleman,” said Jan Payne, who helps run the operation at A New Walk Christian Fellowship, 673 Bradford St. “We’re trying to get the food directly into the hands of the people.” The church-based operation closed its doors in July when it decided to start charging families receiving food a weekly fee of $5 to help offset rising costs and was told by the Atlanta Food Bank that “we can’t do that or they will cut us off,” according to a letter to families at the time.