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Boys, girls say they like learning without opposite gender
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Nick Lyles works on math problems Wednesday morning during class. Lyles’ math class has only boys as Gainesville Middle School, along with other schools, experiments with single-gender classrooms.

Local schools have been experimenting with classes full of just boys or just girls, and the teachers and students say they are loving it.

Gainesville Middle has separate math classes for some, while Lyman Hall Elementary separates some of its fifth-graders. Gainesville Exploration Academy too has a couple of single-gender rooms.

"The boys are stating they’re finding they’re able to focus better," said Gainesville Middle teacher Iris Butts. "They don’t feel like they have to compete so much and they’re more in tune with the class. I’ve heard positive (things) from (the girls) as well. They are more likely to participate in class activities."

The students themselves say they’re less distracted.

"I want all boy classes because boys are easier to work with," Gainesville Middle student Nick Lyles, 14, said.

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