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Two men sentenced in conspiracy to commit bank fraud case

Two men pleaded guilty Jan. 29 to conspiracy to commit bank fraud concerning SunTrust bank account holders, affecting one bank in Oakwood, according to federal court documents.

Parry Gully Jr. and Lonnie Antonio Collins also pleaded guilty to a count of aggravated identity theft. Collins received 26 months in federal prison, while Gully received a 4-year sentence.

Both men will receive credit for time previously served.

“The object of the scheme to defraud was to steal money from SunTrust Bank and convert the money to the use of the defendant, (his associate) and others unknown to the grand jury,” according to the indictment.

SunTrust reportedly compensated the account holders after the withdrawals.

According to the indictment, Gully provided Collins with identification documents for SunTrust account holders and would drive Collins to different bank branches.

The court has ordered $126,669.84 in restitution.

The withdrawals at the Oakwood branch allegedly took place Aug. 7, 2018, and involved nearly $31,000.

According to the aggravated identity theft charge for Gully, the identities of the bank account holders were used beginning around May 15, 2018 and ended around May 16, 2019. Five sets of initials are listed as the identities.

“My client took responsibility for his conduct, and I appreciate the court and the prosecutor for treating him fairly,” Gully’s defense attorney Graham McKinnon said.

Collins’ attorney Kendal Silas did not return a request for comment.