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Some of Memorial Park's animal statues have been found. This is where, and what's still missing
09032022 DONKEY
The bronze donkey statues and other animal statues have been returned to Memorial Park Cemetery. There are active warrants for the suspects, according to the Hall County Sheriff's Office. Provided by Scott Wiley

A pair of donkey statues taken from Memorial Park Cemetery have been returned, but no arrests have been made, according to authorities.

Memorial Park Funeral Home Operations Manager Scott Wiley said a landscaping business owner found the two donkey statues as well as statues of a bear and a dog in the dumpster.

A crocodile/alligator previously reported missing was found against a hedge on the Memorial Park property.

A monkey statue and a zebra statue were found at a scrap metal company, Wiley said.

“I’m glad we got some of our animals back,” Wiley said.

Wiley said they are still missing statues of swans including baby swans, two deer statues and two statues of children playing.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office said property crime investigators obtained warrants for some of the animal statue thefts, but no one has been arrested as of Friday, Sept. 2.

The Sheriff’s Office did not release any further information when contacted Friday.