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Man serving time in California indicted in Gainesville bank robbery
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An Atlanta man serving time in California has been indicted in a 2020 bank robbery in Gainesville.

Anderson Dixon, who is also listed in the indictment as Dixon Anderson, was charged with armed robbery, robbery by intimidation and terroristic threats from a Feb. 18, 2020 bank robbery at BB&T/Truist on Jesse Jewell Parkway.

Authorities said they are working on extraditing him from California to Hall County.

Gainesville Police said Dixon walked into the bank’s main lobby and passed a note to the teller demanding money or they would be shot.

Police have not stated how much money was taken.

According to the armed robbery charge, Dixon had his hand concealed in his coat pocket while threatening to shoot the teller.

No attorney was listed for Dixon in the Hall County courts database.

Lt. Kevin Holbrook said Dixon has been serving time in California and that he was “set to be paroled,” but Holbrook did not have information on the details of Dixon’s California incarceration.

“We have been working with the Sheriff’s Office on extradition,” Holbrook wrote in an email.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office did not release any information regarding extradition.