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A unique business: Send bacon to your friends, glitter (or worse) to your foe
North Hall alum launches online enterprise in Buford
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Ship Your Friends Bacon is a spin-off that Peter Boychuk created after purchasing Ship Your Enemies Glitter. Through the site, Boychuk not only sells edible bacon but also a variety of other bacon products, including air fresheners, ties, gum, bandages and more. - photo by Erin O. Smith

Peter Boychuk knows about business online.

The 28-year-old North Hall High School alum has been selling car parts online and successfully since he was a student at the University of Georgia.

But last year, he bought a company for $85,000 that sold spiteful envelopes of glitter, and its sales are in the high six figures.

Boychuk is owner of Ship Your Enemies Glitter ( which operates out of a warehouse in Buford.

“I bought the glitter site in January 2015 from the person who founded it,” Boychuk said. “He put it up for sale within about a week of it getting popular. Up to this point, it’s just been selling and doing exactly what it had been doing.”

The site sells products including the original “Glitter Bomb,” for $9.99. An envelope packed so densely with glitter, the recipient “will be finding it everywhere for weeks,” the site advertises. A note can be tucked into the glitter for “maximum spillage.”

A $12.99 birthday, thank you or congratulatory card promises to sing until the battery dies or the card is destroyed. A similar singing teddy bear costs $19.99 and has an option to deactivate.

A prank candle promises to smell like apple pie for the first 40 percent of its burn time, and like “dirty (flatulence)” for the last 60 percent of the time. For just $1.50, the company will send prank text messages, from “fun cat facts” to “Bible text bombs.”

Finally, a glittery, inedible cupcake packaged in a heart-themed box is made of a real horse manure patty, and can be purchased and shipped for $14.99.

Boychuk made back his $85,000 within a week of purchasing the site. By mid-2015, he added another facet to it, called Ship Your Friends Bacon.

“The glitter is the main thing, and the bacon is a little side thing just for fun with it,” he said. “It makes money, but it’s just a small portion of everything.”

Ship Your Friends Bacon offers boxes and packs of bacon ranging in size and price. It also sells a human bacon-strip costume, bacon-themed neck ties and more.

Boychuk graduated from North Hall in 2006 and attended the University of Georgia for three years. He would have graduated in 2010, but left school after his success selling car parts online. He still operates the website and business he started as a student, Parts Buddy, which has an eBay site.

“That’s really where I make my money,” he said. “That is really, basically, what I do.”

As for Ship Your Enemies Glitter, Boychuk has one simple goal for the future of the company.

“Just that it makes money,” he said. “I don’t really have much more hope for it than that.”

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