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911 calls paint different picture of gun incident
Three separate callers report man shooting at vehicle
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A Hall County Sheriff's deputy retrieves a shotgun from a truck bed after Charles Robert Pinson, left, allegedly fired the gun after a motorist reported he was driving recklessly on Thursday, March 14, 2019. Pinson was arrested and charged with reckless conduct. - photo by Austin Steele

Despite reports by law enforcement that he fired into the ground, three different people speaking with 911 dispatchers said a Murrayville man shot at the car of a woman who had followed him to his home, according to a recording obtained by The Times through an open records request.

Deputies arrested Charles Robert Pinson, 19, Thursday, March 14, and charged him with reckless conduct after he allegedly fired several shots into the ground, according to law enforcement.

That was the conclusion of a series of events that began shortly after 2 p.m., when authorities say a woman called 911 to report that Pinson was speeding, driving recklessly and littering.

“A truck has almost run me off the road and driving reckless, and I’m following him until he’s going where he’s going,” the caller told the 911 dispatcher.

The caller followed Pinson from a location in the 5200 block of Mount Vernon Road all the way to Pinson's home in the 5300 block of Mount Vernon Preserve Court.

According to sheriff's spokesman Lt. Scott Ware, when Pinson arrived at his house, he exited his truck, entered his home and returned with a shotgun, firing several shots into the ground. The woman fled in her vehicle. No one was injured and no property was damaged.

But when the woman returned to try to obtain Pinson’s address, callers began to report shots being fired at her vehicle.

03152019 SHOOTING 001.JPG
Charles Robert Pinson, 19, center, is led from his home to a patrol car by Hall County Sheriff's deputies Thursday, March 14, 2019. Pinson was arrested and charged with reckless conduct. - photo by Austin Steele

"I followed him home and he come out of his house with a shotgun,” the initial female caller reports in a second exchange with a 911 operator, describing the earlier encounter.

Then the woman tells the operator: "I'll give you the address on the house number. It was -- he’s still got the shotgun out. 5334 -- He just shot at me!”

911 operator: “He just shot at you? Stay on the phone with me ma'am.”

Caller: “At the car, he shot at my car.”

The 911 operator asks the woman to back away from the house, to go back to Mt. Vernon Road.

911 operator: “Ok, don't go, listen, I just need you to get to safety.”

Caller: “Yeah, I've got to go back by his house! To get out of this -- Well I'm going back by his house because I've got to get out of here.”

As the woman drives, she then tells the operator, “OK I-I-I'm out of the -- nope -- now's he shoot, shooting in the air.”

At this point a series of loud pops can be heard on the tape, and the operator asks if the man is shooting at her again.

The woman replies: “He either shot at the car or he's shooting up in the air. I don't know.”

This appears to be the same point at which a male 911 caller who says he lives across the street reports the man firing at the car as the woman attempts to leave the neighborhood:

“Officers need to get here in a hurry,” the man tells the dispatcher.

“We’ve already had them on the way,” the dispatcher says.

“He just fired at the car three times,” the man interrupts.

No one was hurt in the second shooting. The woman, on her 911 call, then tells the operator she is out of the subdivision and won't go back.

Meanwhile, the dispatcher talking to the male caller asks: “So that female had left and then came back?”

The man says, “as she drove by, he fired one shot in the air. And then when she drove back out … to get out of the subdivision, he shot at her three times.”

Operator: “He shot at her three times? OK.”

Caller: “Yeah”

A third 911 caller also reports her neighbor shooting at the car.

“He was driving really fast down the road, and there was a car behind him. And I pulled up in my garage and as I was getting out he was chasing the car with a shotgun, and they were going back up the road. ... And this car came back down the road and he shot at them. But he, I mean the car left, he didn't hit them, but he was shooting at them,” the female caller says.

“Without getting into case-sensitive detail, investigators consulted with both the District Attorney’s Office and a Magistrate Court Judge following Thursday’s incident at Mount Vernon Preserve Court. Based on the totality of the circumstances and information presented, the judge concluded that probable cause existed to support the charge of reckless conduct,” Ware wrote in an email.

Ware did not respond to a question from The Times about investigators substantiating the claims on the 911 call about shots being fired at the car.

Magistrate Court officials did not have any attorney information for Pinson Thursday, March 21, and the numbers listed for Pinson and Pinson’s residence were inoperable.

The case is still under investigation.

Charles Robert Pinson