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3 things to know from Thursday’s Hall County Board of Commissioners meeting
05102019 COMMISSION 1
Jason Jackson of Silverstar Construction speaks about a 65-home subdivision in East Hall that was approved by commissioners Thursday, May 9. Photo by Megan Reed - photo by Megan Reed

An East Hall subdivision, health care contracts for the Hall County Jail and a cell tower off Browns Bridge Road were all approved by the Hall County Board of Commissioners on Thursday, May 9.

East Hall subdivision

A 65-home neighborhood at the intersection of Barrett and Dorsey Peek roads was approved unanimously.

The 71-acre property was rezoned from agricultural residential to planned residential development, and homes will be a minimum of 1,600 square feet for ranch homes and 1,800 square feet for two-story homes.

Three residents spoke in opposition to the subdivision, saying they already had concerns about traffic, safety and school crowding and did not want to see another subdivision add to those issues.

“These subdivisions that are built in the county are not really patrolled as much as they need to,” Teresa Hood said. “After it turns dark, all sorts of activity starts taking place.”

Another resident said the area needs developments like shopping or restaurants more than it needs another neighborhood.

Commissioner Shelly Echols, whose district includes the property, said she grew up in the area and wanted to address neighbors’ concerns.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people about this one,” she said, noting that it is an agricultural area. “…Some of the adjoining property owners have some pretty significant questions and issues, and I want to make sure that their property is protected in doing this.”

She added conditions that homes be site-built and the neighborhood have a 50-foot buffer around the perimeter.

Health services at the Hall County Jail

Inmates at the Hall County Jail will continue to have access to health care when the next fiscal year begins in July, under the terms of two contracts approved by commissioners.

The estimated cost of a contract with Correctional Nursing Services is $900,000. The contract includes payment of wages for registered nurse supervisors, licensed practical nurses on weekends, weekdays and holidays, and clerks.

Local physician Dr. Linwood Zoller will also provide medical care to inmates for $168,246.

The items were approved unanimously as part of the consent agenda, a group of items voted on collectively.

Cell tower on Delta Drive

A request from Eco-Site, a North Carolina-based telecommunications tower company, to build a cell tower on Delta Drive near Browns Bridge Road was approved by commissioners unanimously.

The cell tower will be 150 feet tall.

One county resident, Douglas Aiken of Murrayville, spoke in opposition to the tower, saying he was worried about safety if the tower happened to fall. Franco Lugo, speaking on behalf of Eco-Site, said the tower is designed to twist in on itself rather than fall horizontally if it were to fall over.

05102019 COMMISSION 2
Douglas Aiken of Murrayville tells the Hall County Board of Commissioners on Thursday, May 9 he has safety concerns about a proposed cell tower on Delta Drive. - photo by Megan Reed
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