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Working from home driving you nuts? Find the right spot in your house
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Working from home doesn’t have to be filled with distractions, and it doesn’t mean you’ll be less productive. The Times asked local consultant Ginny Early about how to set up a space at home to stay focused on the job.

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- photo by Ginny Early
If possible, choose a space to set up your home office that has ample natural light. Situating your desk by a window works great! Taking advantage of window light also allows you a view of the coming spring blooms as you work — a constant source of beauty during your workday! This is your chance to avoid the headache-inducing buzz of fluorescent office lighting, so add in small lamps around the room.

Take stock of what items you’ll need to get your work done. In addition to your computer, that may include paper, pens, shipping materials, reference books, or other objects. 

Do a quick tour of your home, gathering objects that bring you joy and remind you of happy times — like seashells from your favorite beach, a peace sign, photos of relatives — small things that make you smile when you notice them.

Think about comfort! One tiny bright spot in this uncertain time is that you aren’t stuck in your usual cubicle. Bring in a soft chair, a warm blanket, a cup of coffee — whatever makes you feel cozy.

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- photo by Ginny Early
Remember the importance of green. Countless studies show that houseplants increase air quality and contribute to your sense of well-being. Add a few plants to your home office setup, and clip a few branches from whatever is flowering in your yard. Placed in a vase or glass, they will add fresh seasonal beauty to your space. 

Bring together all the things you’ve gathered and arrange them however you like. Don’t aim for perfect here — you can rearrange or edit things whenever you like! The point is to create a small space that makes you feel comfortable and prepared for your workday. 

Ginny Early is owner of Enemies of the Average, a Gainesville-based consulting business that offers services in floral design, event design and creative direction.

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