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National Garden Club top award winners
Margaret Carter Jones, left, and Pam Kuchler, co-chairwomen of "A Bird’s Eye View" stand in front of Jones’ Horticultural Excellence award. The youth winner, Bentley Smallwood, is a third-grader at Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy and member of The Seedlings, a Junior Garden Club sponsored by Crabapple Garden Club. - photo by For The Times

Crabapple Garden Club with Gainesville/Gateway Garden Club and Fleur-de-Lis Garden Club of the Gainesville Federated Garden Club Council presented "A Bird's Eye View "a Standard Flower Show, on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1.

Award of Merit- Annual: Willia Banks (Crabapple)

Award of Merit- Vines and Ground Cover: Shantha McDonald (Crabapple)

Award of Merit- Perennial: Tammy Dellinger (Crabapple)

Aboreal Award: Mary Smith (Gainesville Gateway)

Aboreal Award: Patsy Joiner (Gainesville Gateway)

Growers Choice: Willia Banks (Crabapple)

Growers Choice: Jean Sawyer (Gainesville Gateway)

Growers Choice: Margaret Jones (Crabapple)

Horticultural Excellence: Margret Jones (Crabapple)

Designer's Choice: Kathy Haynes (Crabapple)

Petite Award: Caroline Silcox (Crabapple)

Design Excellence: Kathy Haynes (Crabapple)

Youth Design: Bentley Smallwood

Educational: Linda Cornett (Crabapple)

Club Sweepstakes: Crabapple

Individual Sweepstakes: Pam Kuchler (Crabapple)