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What local kids want from Santa
Children filled out wishlists during Christmas on Green Street at The Times

Most requested gifts from Santa
Toys 18
Video game console/games 13
Dolls 12
Clothes and shoes 11
Tablet/laptop/computer 9
Phone 9
Sports 7
Legos 6

During Christmas on Green Street, boys and girls of all ages were given the chance at The Times’ building to write or drop off a letter to Santa Claus, letting the jolly ol’ elf know if they have been naughty or nice this year along with their Christmas wish list.

More than 40 children plus one or two adults wrote down the items they want to find under the Christmas tree and dropped them into the box at the newspaper’s office. The Times will publish some of those letters today and Sunday.

Writing letters to Santa has been a much loved tradition for many generations. While the tradition has been the same, the items on the lists have changed.

Once filled with baby dolls and toy cars, today’s letters have begun to vary from favorites such as Legos and Barbie dolls to tablets and iPhones.

Of all the letters submitted during the event earlier this month, toys still lead the pack. But video games along with their consoles, dolls and clothes plus shoes came in a close second, third and fourth.

While Legos and sport-related items such as footballs and soccer balls were among the requested presents, a couple of children asked for a puppy, cat and even a pony.

The scratchy handwriting and misspelled words only add to the adorable nature of the Christmas tradition, showing the determination and willfulness of doing it on their own.

And yet, some were of a more personal nature. One letter requested family and friends to come home. Another asked for presents for others. Then one simply wanted “jorey (jewelry) for mom.”

And finally one person asked Santa for two trips — one to Italy and one to Wisconsin — as well as peace, love and happiness.

The wonder and hopeful nature of a much simpler time in these letters reminds us of what’s important during this special time of year.

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