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Turn a pork roast into four meals
Use meat in various recipes during the week
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It’s a familiar kitchen economy strategy: Roast a chicken (or buy a rotisserie bird at the supermarket), then turn it into three meals.

Not as familiar is following that same approach with another meat. The best of these, in our thinking, is a pork roast, specifically the shoulder, with its rich texture thanks to its generous fat.

Often called a Boston butt or butt roast, a pork shoulder roast can be bought boneless or bone-in. They can be quite large (8 pounds) or small (2 pounds). We like a 6-pound bone-in roast. It fits into a large Dutch oven for browning and yields plenty of meat to last several meals.

Here we take a pork shoulder, roast it off, then break it down into four meals, each designed to feed a family of four. Our 6-pound roast yielded just under 4 ½ pounds of cooked meat (minus the bone). For the first night, we served slices of pork shoulder and figured everyone might want more than a standard 4-ounce serving. That still left plenty for subsequent nights. You can go many ways, of course. A pasta dish, a Cuban sandwich or pulled pork. We picked a stir-fry, tacos and, finally, a soup, which used the reserved bone for a broth and required less of the pork than the other meals.

A bonus is after the first meal, the cooking and assembly of the other dishes is quick — another economy we love.