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Hall's flora and fauna shine on a sunny day at the Biennial Garden Walk
Bobbett Holloway's garden - photo by J.K. Devine

The Hall County Master Gardeners’ biennial Garden Walk includes five residential gardens with three in Gainesville and two in Flowery Branch. The Gardens on Green in downtown Gainesville was the only public garden. Each garden featured something unique, but participants along the walk glad to view the sunny and shaded views of them all.

The residents willing to show off their gardens were: Tammy Dellinger, whose front yard featured a butterfly garden and backyard has wildlife and peach trees; Chris Michael, who tailored his garden with plants willing to grow in the shade and had stone steps climbing his front yard; Bobbett Holloway, whose corner lot features an array of daisies in the front yard; Terri Andrews, who has a well-manicured front yard along with a bench and a waterfall in the back along with a potter’s shed; and Liz Dietz, whose garden must adhere to the Homeowner’s Association guidelines in Sterling on the Lake as well as drown out the noisy traffic on a nearby busy street behind her home.

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