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Fireworks arent the only way to dazzle crowds at July 4 picnics
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Strawberry Jiggle Trifle, layered with cubes of angel food cake, berries and whipped cream, makes for a patriotic desert for July 4 picnics.

We’ve probably all seen some variation of the classic Fourth of July dessert — an American flag sheet cake adorned with stripes of white whipped topping and juicy red strawberries with an upper field made of blueberries.

While that’s deliciously patriotic, why not surprise your guests with something different? Like this Strawberry Jiggle Trifle.

This treat is the jiggly, wiggly cousin of a classic American dessert — strawberry shortcake.

It gets its jiggle and wiggle from berry-flavored gelatin cubes, which are layered with angel food cake, fresh whipped cream and strawberries.

But why limit yourself to just a red, white and blue dessert?

Why not sprinkle the rest of your menu with other specialty dishes like Red, White and Blueberry Coleslaw or an icy glass of Berry Lemonade?

Although the coleslaw recipe includes traditional ingredients like shredded cabbage and mayonnaise, it also throws in a few wild cards like chopped pecans, crumbled bacon and dried blueberries.

If that is too far off the beaten path for you, try replacing your usual produce with one of their rainbow-hued counterparts.

Instead of typically orange carrots, why not replace them with a white or red version?

And while white potatoes are the norm, the tubers are also available with a blue flesh. If you can’t find the blue ones in the grocery store or your local farmer’s market, you can still score patriotic points by opting not to peel red-skinned potatoes before incorporating them into your recipes.

Blue corn chips can also add a festive air to your red salsa and sour cream dips.

If you’d like to make a red-white-and-blue layered drink, remember a few basic laws of gravity.

Heavier syrups — like grenadine — sink to the bottom. So, if you’re looking for clean layers, pour those into your glass first.

An easy way to decide how to layer your components is by determining which has the highest sugar content. More sugar equals a weightier substance. The greater the difference, the easier it will be to keep the liquids from mixing in your glass.

Always make sure you pour the new layers slowly to help keep things from getting too mixed up. Pouring your final layer into your glass across the back of a spoon will help it float on top.

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