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Let's hear it for the band!
It just wouldnt be a high school football game without the march of the high school band
The Buford High marching band saxophone section jams to swing music during its performance at competition recently at the West Hall High stadium.

Click here to wtch bands from across Hall County during a recent band expo at West Hall High School.

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No one is doubting the intensity of a high school football practice.

There are drills, plays to memorize and steps everyone must follow to make sure the whole team is working in tune.

But hey, that’s what the band is doing, too. And while they might not have to worry about 250-pound linebackers smacking them to the ground, they do have to keep time, march in a specific choreographed pattern and, oh yeah, wear a thick polyester uniform at the same time.

"They could be worse, though," said North Hall High School sophomore Kara Neuhaus during a recent band exposition at West Hall High School. She was standing in line to get dinner with some bandmates, all sporting the school’s green and black uniforms.