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Column: Try an obscure citrus fruit through this Japanese movie-inspired beer
07252020 BEER.jpg
Akademia Brewing Co.'s Send Your Ninja beer offers a delicious balance of tartness and wheat flavor. - photo by Kelsey Podo

Send Your Ninja from Akademia Brewing Co. in Athens may be inspired by a movie saturated with revenge and blood, but it is nothing short of pleasant.

Morgan Wireman, Akademia’s brewmaster, added sudachi, a Japanese citrus fruit, to the brew, which imparts notes of lime and a hint of orange.

“I love the flavor and the uniqueness of the fruit,” Wireman said. “I get a peppery note from it as well. It’s a really interesting fruit that I’ve never tried before this.”

Send Your Ninja

Brewery: Akademia Brewing Co.

Alcohol by volume: 4.8%

Style: Berliner Weisse with sudachi fruit

Bottom line: A beer worth fighting ninjas for.

Send Your Ninja is the first of a series of beers themed after the ‘80s movie, “Shogun Assassin,” which happens to be one of Wireman’s favorites. The story follows a trained samurai, known as Lone Wolf, who goes on a journey with his young son to seek revenge against those who murdered his wife.

Wireman said one of the best lines in the movie is when the protagonist says, “Send your ninja.” He even designed the can to pay homage to “Shogun Assassin” by incorporating the silhouette of the samurai as he slices off the head of an enemy. The scene is backdropped by a rising sun with slices of sudachi sprinkled between its rays.

Sure, the beer is laden with badassery. But how does it taste?

Despite its forward tartness, this Berliner Weisse is easy drinking and offers a delicious combination of wheat and fruitiness that leaves an aftertaste oddly reminiscent of Fruit Loops. 

Those who have read my columns before know that Berliner Weisse beer is one of my all-time favorite styles, so I can be a little critical when it comes to this German sour. If it doesn’t have a lingering yeastiness that reminds me of sourdough bread, I’m usually a little disappointed. As I expected, Send Your Ninja did not disappoint. 

This is a bold and beautiful beer that strikes a lovely balance between bread and fruit. You can bet Send Your Ninja will make a regular visit to my fridge this summer.

If you find yourself in Gainesville, swing by Downtown Drafts on the square to pick up a pack of this brew. You can also find this beer at Akademia, which is located on 150 Crane Drive in Athens. For more information about this brewery’s upcoming creations, visit