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Column: Stomp on beer snobbery and dive into nostalgia at Outrun Brewing Co.
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Outrun Brewing Co.'s Members Only offers a smooth-as-silk gateway into IPAs. - photo by Kelsey Podo

Craft beer doesn’t have to be intimidating. And Outrun Brewing Co. stands by that.  

The Stone Mountain-based brewery, which opened July 3, summoned a lineup of four approachable brews that pay no heed to beer snobbery. 

If you don’t like mouth-puckering sours, you'll probably like Outrun’s sour, 89 Kalani. If you're not the sort for heavy malty stouts that should honestly be reserved for dessert, you’ll most likely enjoy Night Drive. If you say that you’re more of a Bud Light kind of person, chances are you’ll adore their lager, Lo-Fi.  

If you’ve been unwelcomely bitten by feisty, hoppy IPAs, Outrun’s hazy Members Only IPA will prove as gentle as a golden retriever puppy. That’s not to say that it can’t win a medal at an American Kennel Club show.  

“We want to make beer for people that don’t like craft beer,” said Josh Miller, who co-owns the brewery with Ryan Silva. “We want to encourage people to try it. To us it’s just beer, and it’s more about the conversation and company you keep than the beer.” 

Out of the four brews, I found myself most taken with the IPA. It’s ridiculously smooth without being dull and offers notes of pineapple with a tiny hint of cantaloupe. 

Members Only Hazy IPA 

Brewery: Outrun Brewing Co. 

Alcohol by volume: 6.2% 

Style: Hazy IPA 

Bottom line: A smooth-as-silk IPA 

When I first dove into the craft beer scene in college, I admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of IPAs. I was stuck on the malty and wheat-forward German brews like dunkels, schwartzbier and hefeweizen, and didn’t care to turn my gaze toward bitter beer.  

With the help of a small brewery two blocks from my home, I took a liking to hazy, fruity New England-style IPAs, which helped me transition into enjoying its sharper West Coast cousin. 

Outrun’s Members Only is a fantastic gateway IPA. If you’re still standing on your hop-hater hill, I encourage you to climb down and give the style a fair shot. 

Miller, who brews Outrun’s beer with Silva, said the two wanted to make an IPA without the characteristic citrusy notes you’d typically find in the style. They opted for German varietal hops including Huell Melon and Mandarina Bavaria. The co-brewers also incorporated a bit of El Dorado hops, which add bright tropical flavors. 

“This is a medley deal that isn’t a standard IPA where everything is citrus,” Miller said. “It’s approachable and easy to get into.” 

Because Outrun is a small-batch brewery, you’ll have to travel on-site to pick up a brew. The trip is worth it just to experience the building’s nostalgia-inspired aesthetic. A bright neon sign sits above the bar as splashes of mint green and light pink play around the building.  

Plastic pink flamingos guard the property, which was formerly an old garage paired with a tiny gas station. Placing a cherry on top to the ‘80s and ‘90s design, two Out Run SEGA racing games sit, prime for playing, in one corner of the brewery. 

Outrun Brewing Co. Is located at 5368 E. Mountain St. in Stone Mountain. For more information about its beer, visit 

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Outrun Brewing Co., a new brewery in Stone Mountain, offers a nostalgia-inspired aesthetic with old SEGA racing games. - photo by Kelsey Podo