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BewareWolves have been spotted in Oakhurst
10272019 BEER 1.jpg
Sceptre Brewing's BewareWolves double IPA. - photo by Nick Bowman

Spooky season is here and that means spooky beer has come to haunt neighborhoods around Georgia. 

Just a couple of miles down the road from me, the release of Sceptre Brewing Arts’ BewareWolves could be heard howling hungrily in the autumn air. 


Brewery: Sceptre Brewing Arts

Alcohol by volume: 8%

Style: Double dry-hopped IPA

Bottom line: Surprisingly easy-drinking for an 8% beer. Looks can be deceiving.

Since the beer pays homage to a classic creature of the night, I found it only fitting to visit the brewery at the end of the day and enjoy it under the moon. 

The beer’s can is decorated with multi-colored werewolf faces, each bearing their teeth, daring you to try the drink. 

So, naturally, I drank it. 

The double dry-hopped IPA wasn’t as fragrant as its “beast of a Double IPA” description led me to believe.

After sipping it, I was surprised at its easy-drinking bitter flavor and lack of boldness. 

For those unfamiliar with the process, a double dry-hopped beer means that the brewer packed in twice the amount of hops compared to a typical single-hopped beer. 

Let’s talk about the flavor. 

BewareWolves caught me with a bitter note that lingered for a couple of seconds before disappearing. 

Don’t get me wrong, this beer is tasty, it just took me off guard. 

I guess it’s kind of like having a werewolf friend. One day you think they’re a normal human, and the next, they’re transforming into a wolf and going for your throat. 

At 8% alcohol by volume BewareWolves doesn’t feel like a heavy beer at all. It’s easy drinking, so be warned of it sneaking up on you. 

I want to give credit to the Nick Bowman for capturing the shot you see above the text. 

He took the initiative to snap a photo of the elusive BewareWolves beer, but the unexpected occurred. 

Something attacked him in the night. Right now we only have this shadowy image of the suspect. 

Bowman is in recovery now, but something seems off about him. 

Stay tuned for updates in next week’s “Kelsey drinks beer.”

Until then, don’t go wandering in any forests with the BewareWolves beer. 

You can grab this brew at Sceptre Brewing Arts, located at 630 East Lake Drive in the historic Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur.